How do I mix Tailwind?
Pour>Shake>Go> even in hydration packs!
Pour 1-2 scoops in a large bottle (600ml) for under 2 hour workouts or 2-3 scoops for longer grunts. Shake with cool water and go! Start with 100-200 calories per hour for shorter/less intense workouts and 200-300 calories (maximum our bodies can digest) per hour for endurance workouts or races; adjust up or down as needed.
Example: 6hr endurance event, 1200-1800 cal required depending on your size/weight = 12-18 scoops
When do I use Tailwind?
In conjunction with a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle, before, during or after any physical effort, prolonged exercise or workout. 
Can I pre-mix Tailwind?
Tailwind can be pre-mixed up to 3 days before use, just shake prior to consumption.
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Can I add/reduce the measure required?
Absolutely, in fact we encourage you to experiment and test to see what works for you, that is the only way you can get the most out of your event. However, please bear in mind that the maximum our stomach can digest per hour is between 200 and 300 calories.
Here's what some say about Tailwind and how they mix/change it around:
- Try mixing some of the Naked with some of the flavors! When it’s hotter I like 2 scoops of naked to 1 scoop of Berry or Orange.
- For marathons I mix 4 scoops of Tailwind with 600ml of water and carry it with me in a handheld bottle, and then just supplement with water from aid stations as needed.
- The biggest thing I've learned with Tailwind is to allow it to be flexible. When the day gets super hot, I change to about 150 cal per 700ml rather than my       regular 250 cal 700ml.  That way I can consume more water  and stay on top of my hydration while still getting the caloric intake. Tailwind gives you so   much flexibility that you're able to adjust for race conditions. You just have to trust the product.    
- When performing high intensity training sessions, I mix Tailwind into a "gel" like substance in small bottles and sip regularly throughout the session.       
Why should I use Tailwind?
- Provides everything you need—no need to juggle gels, pills, or chews
- Tastes great hour after hour so you can drink and fuel from start to finish
- Hydration pack friendly! Dissolves easily and rinses clean
- Natural gluten-free ingredients and organic flavours
- Simply mix>pour>shake>go
- Pre-mix to prevent race day stress and save time
- Easily carried and stored (crew will love you)
- Simplify your nutrition plan
- Concentrate on your event and form
Is there a race/working example?


The following is taken from a 100 km trail race with 3000m of elevation run recently, the runner (72kg male) completed the event in 10hrs 49min with Tailwind as the only source of fuel, electrolytes and hydration for the entire event. The temperature ranged from 16 degrees C at the start, to a high of 27 at midday, with a mild hot dry wind in the afternoon.
Start: 2 X 500ml Bottles with 250 cal (2.5 scoops Tailwind) in each, one with Lemon and one with Berry flavour, as well as 1L back pack with 5 scoops of Tailwind Mandarin Orange flavour - Total Calories carried 1000, enough for 4 hours running.
Checkpoint 1: 23.5 Km- Exchanged 2 X 500ml bottles, with premixed and prefilled 500ml bottles with 250 cal naked flavour in each -Total time in checkpoint 20 seconds - "mainly due to the length of the shute"
Checkpoint 2: 53.4 Km- Exchanged 2 X 500ml bottles, with premixed and prefilled 500ml bottles with 250 cal in each, one with Berry, one with Lemon flavour - Total time in checkpoint 30 sec
Checkpoint 3: 76.9 Km- Exchanged 2 X 500ml bottles, with premixed and prefilled 500ml bottles with 250 cal in each, one with Mandarin Orange, one with Naked flavour - Total time in checkpoint 30 sec
The backpack bladder was used to sip on at various stages during the day (if it took slightly longer then expected to complete a leg or a flavour change sounded nice) and emptied in the last leg, making it a total of 2500 calories consumed (25 scoops of Tailwind), the equivalant of around 230 Calories/hour and a total of 5 Litres of fluid for hydration.
What is in Tailwind?
Non GMO Dextrose (Glucose), Non GMO Sucrose, Acidity Regulators (Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate) Sea Salt, Organic Flavours, Minerals (Potassium Chloride, Calcium Carbonate, Magnesium Citrate) plus Green Coffee bean extract in the Caffeinated range.