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- Lemon-Berry is the BOMB! Your kids will love it for soccer, football, swimming, etc.


- Have a little too much fun this weekend? Down a glass to fix a hangover.


- Tailwind + Soda Stream = awesome!


- Try it hot, out on the ski slopes.


- Add your favourite tea or EmergenC to Naked. Makes an awesome “clear liquid” for     medical procedures!


- Resist the urge to eat. Tailwind provides the right amount of  calories, carbs, salt          and potassium that you need and can process  every hour. If you eat a lot of

  other sugars or carbs the cocktail in  your stomach could cause some GI distress.         Trust in the Tailwind!



Tailwind NAKED


Tailwind Naked is only limited by your imagination and even though this is my fave 'flavour', here are some great ideas for NAKED!


Warm it up and drop in a teabag for those back country trips.

Mix it with some low sodium chicken/veggie broth for those middle of the night ultras, or just drink it plain.

Either way, you'll still be getting "All you need, all day. Really."

Customer Reviews

Jaime Stevenson


I just got back from Marathon Des Sables 2017. Had an amazing race and experience out in the Sahara desert. Due to the heat I was unable to eat anything during the race. Tailwind was my saving grace!! I used it as my sole source of energy and absolutely loved it! I can't speak highly enough of this product. I just wanted to write a review on your FB page. I couldn't find where to write it, so I thought I would message it to you. Seriously loved Tailwind and couldn't have done as well as I did without it out there. It was so hot, reached 54C one day, but the only thing I could stomach while racing was Tailwind. I placed 218th overall, and 18th female, 7th in my age. Very pleased with my 1st time attempt. Just wanted to let you know how much I loved your product and to show off how useful my buff was! hahahaha.....






Scott D Andrews


Great weekend away - 1st 24 hour solo mtb race attempt. Hit the 10 hour mark and my back was shot but every 13 km lap with 330m+ climbing I had 2 1/2 scoops of Tailwind and not much food and it kept me going sweet and kept the cramp away. Came back in the morning did 3 more laps - Tailwind rocked it!