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Chocolate Mint Recovery Mix is a limited run so once it is gone, it's gone!

What better way to spice up Tailwind’s fan favourite Chocolate Recovery than with the dynamic duo that is chocolate and mint! Get ready for another day in the backcountry while kicking your feet up by the fire and sipping on a taste of cozy. 


Every big effort deserves a big reward. Carefully crafted to make the most of your down time, Recovery Mix delivers a delicious and optimal mix of carbs, complete protein, and electrolytes to get you back out there, stronger, faster and sooner.


  • Please note that this a Limited Edition with a limited amount of stock available. So that everyone gets to try it, we have limited your purchase to 4 sticks max.

    Also, no discount codes are to be used when purchasing this this item.


    Thanks team!  

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