Tailwind NZ Team

Chris Dunell Bio:
Hi my name is Chris Dunell, I'm 29 years old and live in Christchurch, New Zealand. 
I work as Police Officer attached to the Youth Crime Unit. I'm hugely dedicated helping troubled youth within the community and creating a brighter future for them.
My main passion in life is achieving a balanced and healthy lifestyle through running, nutrition and adventure. I choose Tailwind Nutrition to support my training and races because I can rely on it to fuel me longer than any other product on the market. When running at intensity or for long durations, I don't have time for spiking or low energy levels that common gels normally imitate. With Tailwind Nutrition I know what I'm going to get and that's consistency and reliability. Values that produce results and speak for themselves. 
Chris Dunell


Anna & Bobby Dean Bio:

Hi we are Team Dean, the dream team that keeps evolving as we make our way in the world as early 30 year olds. Tailwind Nutrition has enabled us to work hard and play hard. We are full time farmers in Maketu on the East Coast of the North Island which keeps us fit but then we go and push it further by competing in trail running, road running, mountain biking, road cycling, kayaking, multisport and adventure races including expedition. Yes we have seven bikes and 5 kayaks and way too many shoes! But we use them all!

We love the technicality and skills used in races, and we think that is our strength, along with experience and adaptation. Due to so many disciplines, and tricky races we need to keep the fuel simple, and that is exactly why we have loved Tailwind Nutrition for so many years. It is so versatile and  it is easy to figure out our intake needs.
Catch us out on the trails and we will be sure to share some Tailwind with you 😊


Bobby & Anna



Mike Robertson Bio:

Hey I’m Mike Robertson, I’m 28 years young and I work as a Mountain Bike Patroller/ Trail Builder at the Skyline Rotorua Gravity Mountain Bike Park.

Outside of work I ride and race mountain bikes. Racing bikes started as a way to meet riders in new areas and has since become a passion. I race enduro, which is an event made up of race stages and liaison stages, race stages are your timed stages and vary in difficulty while your liaison stage is generally untimed and relatively easy pedalling. It makes for a great day out. Enduro is great because you get to ride a variety of trails like you would if you were out riding with mates.

Tailwind is what I use during training and racing because it is everything I need in my drink bottle. Eating while I am on the bike is something I struggle with and always found myself running out of energy.  Tailwind has changed my performance out on the trails as I now get what I need, when I need it meaning I can ride harder for longer. 

I am super excited about the upcoming 2016/17 race season which will see me racing the local enduro series, competing in Australia and racing abroad next winter. More so I am pumped for summer riding adventures in the forest and just having fun out there on the trails. 


We’ll see ya out there.



Fiona Hayvice Bio:


Hi, I'm Fiona, a Wellington based mother, business owner operator, and ultra-marathoner. In my late thirties, an unorthodox honeymoon traversing 250km of Asia’s largest desert, the Gobi in northwestern China, ignited a passion for ultra-marathons. I was hooked on the sense of personal accomplishment, the all inclusive spirit of the ultra community, and the opportunity to explore locations that are typically off-limits.

2015 was the first year I approached ultras competitively. I enlisted a coach, and my race results since have proved that this was a tactical decision. In 2016, I'm focusing on the Ultra-Trail World Tour (UTWT) circuit. I've committed to races in New Zealand, Australia, Austria and Switzerland. My goal is to achieve as high a ranking as possible, in order to secure Elite Athlete Support in 2017.

Nutrition is paramount in ultra marathons. Even more so now as I push my body harder and faster to achieve my goals. Tailwind is the perfect one-stop solution; refueling and taking on nutrition in a fluid format means I no longer need to force myself to chew through solids, especially in the later stages of events.

I'm slightly bemused as to how life has delivered me to this place in time where I have an energetic preschooler, a successful business, an exceedingly supportive husband, and a growing string of ultra-trail running titles to my name. One of the most valuable lessons I've taken from ultras is that a lack of natural ability can be compensated by a strong mind-set, self-discipline and perseverance - apply all of these and anything is possible!


Fiona Hayvice

 Andy Good Bio:
Hi my name is Andy Good.

Based in Christchurch, New Zealand. Running, adventure and exploring trails has always been my passion. 
Over the last 3 years i have used Tailwind in all sorts of capacities. 
Ranging from ultra distance events right down to road racing events and even as a booster in between reps on track workouts, Tailwind has always been a staple.

I like to keep things as simple as possible when it comes to sports nutrition and thats exactly what this product does for me. Get amongst it & train to your full potential.

Steve Bale Bio:

Hi, I’m Steve Bale - Cycling Coach, Mountainbike, Track and Road Racer and Tailwind convert. Tailwind recently helped me become the NZ Hour Record Holder, The Oceania Masters Mountain Bike Champion, NZ Masters Games Time Trial and Road Race Champion and NZ Veterans Time Trial Champion.

With Tailwind you don’t need gels so you save money - it's all I need for training and racing plus it’s palatable hour after hour. My favourite is Caffeinated Green Tea.
Here’s my secret money saving Tailwind Tip. Take 2 scoops per hour in a wee ziploc bag in your pocket when training. Cold water from the gas station, shake and you’re good to go.
This year Tailwind will be with me road racing, mountainbiking and on the track.
Happy trails,




Mel Aitken Bio:
Hey there, I’m Mel Aitken, 41 years young and currently living and working on the mighty West Coast of the South Island.
I have three passions in life, my (19 year) career as a Police Officer, currently the Area Commander for the West Coast, my family (my incredibly supportive husband Steve) and of course my running!
I entered my first small trail race in 2012 and from there I was hooked.  I have been privileged to venture through some of NZ’s finest trails, as well as race overseas in Australia, Hawaii and more recently an Ultra in Spain, representing NZ at my first Trail World Champs.  I am fairly versatile when it comes to running and have accumulated a number of titles and wins across various distances including road half and full distance Marathons, cross country, mountain marathons and more recently the transition to ultra-distance racing.
Stepping up to the longer distance races had been problematic nutritionally as I battled trying to make myself eat while running which hasn’t had great results.  I am so grateful to bond with Tailwind, a product that actually agrees with me, doesn’t require chewing but provides me all the nutritional goodies to keep me strong throughout any challenge.  Its like a gift from the gods!
I was never a runner growing up, in fact I was the kid who skipped school sports days to stay home and ride my ponies.  How my life has changed and I feel so incredibly lucky every day that I am having the time of my life, doing what I am passionate about and being able to inspire others to just get out and run. My mantra - Go hard, life is short, care for one another and be grateful for what we have on our door steps.  NZ is beautiful and our trails and places to explore are magic so get out there and make the most of every day. 
Tim Caughley Bio:
Hey I’m Tim Caughley, a Wellington based father of two, a duathlon multisporter, and endurance Mtb. I took up mtb 12 years ago and instantly loved the adventure of riding in the hills and beyond.  Soon afterwards I started entering local races. As my experience grew, and being a good runner I found that duathlon multisport events were my favourites and this is where I achieved my goals.  
Recently I have focused on endurance mtb events such as WEMBO 24hr solos. With riding at these long endurance events you have to be very focus on what you are putting into your body. The body requires constant feeding and Tailwind Nutrition is a drink which provides me the confidence to race hard from the beginning without the worry of losing energy. My favourite is Mandarin Orange to start a race with and then move onto Green tea caffeinated, I’ve found Tailwind very easy to drink.  During my short intense trainings, I use Tailwind caffeinated and on my longer training rides I keep to straight Tailwind.  With a busy life and fitting a training program into the mix I like the simplicity of Tailwind which provides everything I need with a couple of scoops into my bottles and bang I’m out the door and gone.  
I keep increasing my goals to push my body and testing my mental strength to its limits in these endurance events and it amazes me how hard and long you can go if you get right, and Tailwind is definitely helping me achieve all I can.  
Oliver Thompson Bio:
Hi I'm Oliver, I enjoy multisport, adventure racing and being in the outdoors. I started multisport and adventure racing at Trident High school in Whakatane and quickly developed a strong passion for adventure sports.
I love the sport because it is incredibly unique and I get to challenge myself physically as well as mentally and meet like minded people. Another great benefit is that I get to travel to new places and explore the native bush and mountains of NZ.
I first tried Tailwind (skulled back about a litre) at the finish line of the 2017 Coast to Coast when I crashed through the line and practically fell asleep under the Tailwind Nutrition tent. Having adequate nutrition during events and training is important to me and took a long time to figure out what best keeps me fuelled for hard endurance races. I chose Tailwind because it's simple, it has everything you need to keep you going and nothing unnecessary.
I'm looking forward to a future filled with adventure and pursuing my goals.


Cati Pearson Bio:
My name is Cati Pearson, I am a 27 year old dietitian and business woman from Rotorua. 
I know the importance of good nutrition during exercise and over my years as a competitive athlete I have trialled many different brands, formulas and food items to fuel me through my various sporting activities.
I have represented New Zealand over a range of sports including sprint & olympic distance triathlon, cross country running, long distance road running and most recently enduro mountain biking.
This year, my partner Mike (another tailwind devotee) and myself have been travelling the world racing the World Enduro Series. Races go from single day to multi-day events racing 60+km a day. Since starting on Tailwind, I have found the stress of events has decreased significantly. I just need my Camelbak loaded up with more Tailwind powder than recommended (I cramp, so the extra scoop per hour helps reduce the risk of this happening on a crucial hill climbs), and my bike and that’s me for the day!! All you need, all day!!


Sarah Lei Bio:
Hi, I'm Sarah Lei
I'm lucky enough to be based in Rotorua, NZ so I get to train on the beautiful forest trails in this area.
I have 3 boys (currently 'tweens') who have plenty of energy to burn so I like to stay active to keep up with them! 
When I'm not on mum duty, I am a yoga teacher. Under the brand RunYoga, I teach group, private and online yoga classes for runners, bikers and people who like getting out there being active and doing what they enjoy. I love teaching yoga because it allows me to share my passion with others who are just as enthusiastic as I am. I also teach mindfulness in primary schools.
I have been running since I lived in the UK where I ran the London Marathon in 2001. I moved back to NZ in 2004 and since then I have run 2 ultra marathons, 5 more marathons, lots of half marathons, 10kms, 5kms and various off road events as well as producing 3 children in this time. 
These days my main focus is on trail running (around the half marathon distance) and I also enjoy mountain biking and adventure racing.
I've always had a keen interest in sports nutrition (I was a chemical engineer before I became a yoga teacher). I came across Tailwind Nutrition at the Tarawera 50km  and I found it tasted great so I was keen to use it to fuel my many adventures.
Happy running & yoga practice,

Nancy Jiang Bio:


Hi there, I'm Nancy, a 28 year old structural engineer who you would find running around on the trails pretending to be a mountain goat when not at work. And if I am not running, I am either mountain biking or foraging for berries in the mountains. My love for running began in primary school during those morning P.E runs around the school field barefoot. I ran track and cross country during school, road marathons in my early 20s, then in 2017 while living it large in the French Alps,  I discovered this incredible thing called skyrunning and mountain running. Oh boy, how my life has changed since then.

Last year I spent 3 months in Europe competing in their mountain running season. A highlight of the season was running the OCC race at the 2018 UTMB. It was my first major race on the world stage and I was stoked with a 5th place finish. But the pinnacle of my 2018 season would have to be representing New Zealand at the World Mountain Running Championship.

I have recently moved to Queenstown after returning back from Europe last September. Queenstown is the perfect place for me to build up my base for the 2019 season - I call it the 'Chamonix of the south'. My 2019 race goals include either the Salomon Golden Series or the World Skyrunning Series, the World Trail Running Champs or the World Mountain Running Champ. And I have signed up to run the OCC again at this year's UTMB. 

I use tailwind because it provides me with fuel, minerals and hydration in one go - I am not having to deal with fumbling around trying to open gels and drinking water while trying to navigate my way along technical trails. I can drip feed and take in calories at a constant rate during those long days out on the trails. Running at altitude also requires more fuel and hydration so it is important to make sure you have enough to make it back down without bonking. My favourite flavour is Naked, because it reminds me of the sugar lump syrup drink my mum would make me as a child when I was feeling sick.      

If you see a short asian girl running around the mountains with long black hair and black short shorts, make sure to stop by and say hi. I love hearing about other people's stories. See you on the trails. 


Kind regards, 

Nancy J

A Total Endurance Fuel - All you need, all day. Really!

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