Tailwind NZ  Branded Apparel - Kiwi Made ULTIMO Brand

We here at Tailwind Nutrition NZ love Ultimo and here's some good reasons why we choose them for our 'Wear.'

When you buy Ultimo you are supporting New Zealand workers, and your money stays circulating here rather than overseas. 

Buying a New Zealand made brand means you can be happy that your clothing is being ethically made under New Zealand employment and health and  safety conditions.

Most of their fabric and accessories are sea-freighted, meaning a much smaller environmental impact that clothing airfreighted from China.

(We also use New Zealand's electricity network, which uses more wind and water and much less coal and nuclear than others).

It also means that your clothing is made right here in our own factory ensuring consistent quality.

Our dye-sub printing prints into the fabric, not onto it. This gives colourfast printing that lasts as long as the garment.


- Please note that ordering is fortnightly, then allow up to 14 working days for product completion. 

- 2-3 days delivery NZ wide

- For sizing guide click here:  http://ultimoclothing.co.nz/sizing.htm