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The Tailwind Nutrition- Aotearoa New Zealand Story.

We feel blessed to live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. 
Make sure you come visit...

Meet The Team

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Mark Drew

Hey, I'm Mok, a.k.a Mr Tailwind NZ, as I'm often referred to. Before I started looking after Tailwind Nutrition in New Zealand, best mate, Gavin and I always thought we'd have this really cool business idea where we lived our passion. Well that didn't happen for many years!! 


Fast forward to around 2014 and I was in Sydney and he told me about this really good endurance product he was trying out. Just like many, I was skeptical. No more gut issues, complete fuel...yeah right!!


Tailwind Nutrition works. It's not marketing jargon. It keeps it nice and simple and delivers what it says it will.

It’s this simple and effective “wonder powder” that allows me to explore (some call it race!!) around New Zealand. Anything on trails is my jam. 


As a result this very small side line business has morphed into a full time adventure where I get to travel around New Zealand and meet all sorts of rad people.


I'm not sure if it was luck or the universe planning this all out but 2 old fella's from Cape Town are finally kicking goals across New Zealand and Australia. Doing what we love.

Spreading the Tailwind message-it's such a cool journey.



Fibi Drew-Smith

Kia ora, Fibi here. The person Mark refers to as his apprentice, but we all know, you included, who wears the pants in this relationship!

To be honest, I had a huge reluctance to be a part of Tailwind NZ. It wasn't my 'dream job' so to speak but somewhere, somehow along the journey, I got sucked in. In a purely good way though. The thing I am most proud of here in NZ is our care for our people. Because we are a small country of only 5 million people, it's a lot easier to meet most people at events or expo's and this truly is such a great part of the job. We get to form incredible friendships with a whole heap of really good people.

Here at Tailwind NZ HQ, I am a part of the 'design' team. I create, design and manage the website, create newsletters, social media, create content, I pack orders if the need be, and generally 'Back the Boss'...yeah right!! 

I have a great love for the outdoors and being in nature, I love to run but mostly at my own pace and for my mental health. We have a cavoodle, Layla, who also loves running with her mama. I also have a healthy obsession with yoga which I try to attend at least 3-4 times a week. 

Mark and I have a completely different skill set from one another so this kind of works perfectly for us.

I always look forward to meeting more of you 'Tailwinders', so see you out there.

Fibi xx


Jordan Smith

Hey, I'm Jordan. Favourite son. I came onboard about 3 months ago to help out in the family businesses as things were getting too busy for the old folks to handle.

I'm helping with orders, both customer and retail, so you usually get a personal message from me. 

I am the head honcho for TailwindNZ social media and creating content using my photography skills. I have a background in art & design and love the opportunity to put this to good use. As most of you will know I created the design on the new Tailwind Kiwiana Tech Tee. This is where I excel, as I love to stretch my creativity. 

Even though I am not much of a sporting guy, having recently attended a couple of events, I've found the community vibe, to be awesome AF! The folks keep giving me grief about running, it will be interesting to see how long I can hold out :) 

I'm engaged to Nadia, she is the runner! You'll see her at some events as Mum has encouraged her to give them a go. We are the parents of 2 furbabies, Aayla and Maika, our beloved kitty cats. 

It'll be great getting to meet more of you at future events, even though I'm more of an introvert, please don't hesitate to come chat with me. I look big and gruff but I'm actually pretty chill. 'May the force be with you.'



Dog Drew-Smith a.k.a Layla


Of course it would be an atrocity if we didn't mention our 'Tailwind Mascot' Layla. This 6 year old Cavoodle is a big part of our family and loves nothing more than a really good blat along Te Awa Kairangi or on some magnificent trail with her one true love, her Mama. 

She is also known to love a great game of fetch. She can keep you murdering your throwing arm for at least half an hour on a good day! She has long runners legs this one!!

Distributed from Wellington | New Zealand

Aotearoa NZ, our backyard, is an adventurers paradise, full of some of the worlds best outdoors experiences.
Here at Tailwind NZ, we are 100% community focused.
We love getting amongst it with our people and supporting grass roots events.
See you out there team!
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