Just like your nutrition, coaching is a very personal choice.... 
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Meet Eve, Run Coach at Life In Motion and Jem, Run Club enthusiast.

Eve is the head coach behind Life In Motion Run Club. She delivers weekly online run specific workouts, to help runners run stronger and reduce injuries. 


The workouts include strength and stability for improved form and agility, power for speed and endurance and stretch to help with mobility. There are also weekly prescribed runs to help with running motivation, form and speed.

With a focus on leg and core strength to support your hips, knees and ankles when running, the workouts are a great way to help runners reduce overuse injuries and improve pace and running power. 


With a welcoming and caring community to support you on your running journey Life In Motion Run Club is the perfect training complement for all runners. 


Head on over to www.lifeinmotion.co.nz/run-club to find out more. 


My goal here at Sweat7 is to help you turn your athletic goals into reality.  Every athlete that embarks on a training program with Sweat7 enters into a journey of self discovery.

Sweat7 is my own personal dream, I'm Sam Warriner, New Zealand's most successful female triathlete, former ITU World Number 1 and Ironman Champion.

The name describes where we came from and what the pillars of the team are based upon (S)am (W)arriner, (E)nergy, (A)ttitude, (T)raining, (7) days a week.


Our athletes train to their fullest potential, whether first timers or seasoned Ironman athlete, the specialists we have aligned with at Sweat7 present the necessary stimuli at the opportune time to encourage athletic development.  Put simply - the coaching process is athlete centred and development driven.

We do everything we can to have you on a program that compliments your own learning and training style, whether that be the $50/month membership option or $250/month 1:1 Coaching Package.

We're 'no frills' though - our athletes understand their are no magic wands in endurance sport.  You won't find rubber power wrist bands, fad diets or accelerated coaching packages here.  Training to get the absolute best out of yourself is the 'diamond' of goals....time and pressure is what's required, there are no substitutes for hard work and lots of it.

If you're interested in discussing what we can do for you, please email me and I'll be happy to discuss training options with you.


Sam Warriner.

https://www.sweat7.com - Triathlon/Ironman
'A scientific approach to training'

Pro cycling coaching for all

Our Purpose

• make riders fast • optimize your time and potential • provide pro level training for all

How do we do it?

• accurate measurement of form and zones using real world lactate tests, power and body composition

• scientific and pro level experience applied to your training plan design

Do you like to run?


In 2014 I started my coaching business RunningNZ. I have trained athletes from beginners, ultra runners, elite ultra runners and multi-day runners, with a belief that running well involves more than just physical effort. My coaching focuses on your training using a holistic approach, not just throwing numbers at you.  Everybody responds so differently to different types of training stresses, and this is what I love to do. Figure out what works best for my clients. 


So how does Running NZ work?

  • You will receive a weekly program, There is nothing generic about my programs. Although generic programs can work, I don't think they are the best way to train safely or for maximum benefit. I work around your life, your family and work commitments to ensure that you are getting in the training required.

  • I include running sessions, strength sessions and yoga sessions into every program.

  • I check up on your runs daily... just to ensure that you are getting the runs in and the stresses are being made.

  • We cover all areas of your training, I call this my 3 S's ( Stamina, Strength and suppleness)

  • Unlimited calls, texts and emails.

  • Continuous support, guidance and motivation.

  • Advice on nutrition, recovery, gear and pretty much anything running related.

I want to help other people run safe, run well, push their own personal boundaries, explore and most importantly - fill their hearts and souls with amazing running adventures. 


Jaime Stevenson | www.runningnz.co.nz


About Running Hot Coaching

The Revolutionary Run Training System by 

Pro Ultra Endurance Athlete Lisa Tamati & Exercise Scientist Neil Wagstaff.

We are Lisa Tamati and Neil Wagstaff and we are the co-founders of Running Hot Coaching. 


Between us we have over 45 years experience competing in the world's toughest endurance events and training and coaching hundreds of athletes from all around the world.  


We work with everyone from absolute beginners taking their first tentative steps through to elite ultramarathon runners conquering the worlds longest and hardest races and everything in between.


Running Hot Coaching was born from our lifelong passion for running, health and fitness.

We have spent over a decade as coach and athlete perfecting our systems and training philosophies. 


We have put thousands of kilometres and many years of research into creating the perfect training programme for optimal running performance while maintaining your health and longevity in the sport.  


Our training system is holistic and ground breaking in it's approach. We don't believe in the old traditional high mileage models but train our runners for time efficiency and to get the most out of their body in the shortest amount of time. 


Our programmes are simple to follow and our system includes accountability, ongoing support to get your questions answered and a huge online family of like minded runners. 


Join our Running Hot Coaching family and see what you are really capable of.